Friday, March 14, 2014


Well, had a seizure, fell on my bookbag, which had my laptop in it. You can imagine how that turned out. Cracked screen.

God bless my grandma. She was going to get me a Mac for graduation anyway, so now I'm just getting it a couple of months early. It should be here on Wednesday, so I won't be without a computer for too long. And she let me buy an external hard drive, so I can get all the documents (especially the research for my Seminar paper) and music and pictures off my current laptop. The computer services place on campus can help me transfer it all over.

Also a blessing, I only had one thing that is due between now and Wednesday, and since most of my seminar class is way behind schedule, my professor didn't get upset when I told him I wouldn't have my outline on Tuesday since I can't access my research until I get this hard drive.

State beat a ranked Syracuse in the quarterfinals of the conference tournament! No one expected us to win, but this was sweet redemption after we lost to them by 1 when they were ranked #1 during the season. Yay! And Carolina is out. Double yay!

Lunch with Clayton was really good. I can't get enough of talking to him.

90 minutes on the phone with Lauren. She is such a gift. :)

So yeah. That was today.

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