Thursday, March 27, 2014

21. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Also titled: Because if you're going to have surgery, you might as well cheer about it.

I went back to the eye specialist today.  The numbers from the tests he did were only slightly worse than what they were last month, praise the Lord.  He told me my options were to just live with it like I have been or go ahead with surgery.  My exact words, "I vote surgery!" His response, "Well okay then. Surgery it is."

He told me a little bit more about it, what would be going on and where they would go in and everything,  and then they sent me down to their coordinator to sign the consent forms and try to find a date and everything.

Originally it was going to be May 23, but then the coordinator saw in my file that I have a history of MRSA.  She said that I had to have two negative nasal swabs before they would do the surgery, but then I told her that that was never going to happen because I'm a carrier so the swabs are always positive even when I'm not sick.  So she had to make some calls.  Apparently, the place that the doctor normally does surgery will not take me, and I have to have the surgery at the hospital (which it's the same place I had my last foot surgery and it's awesome so that's fine).  But the doctor doesn't normally do surgery at the hospital so he has to borrow time from another doctor, so they couldn't set a date today.  But it'll be sometime late May or early June.

But you know, it's whatever.  I'm just happy there's a plan.  I'm honestly okay with another surgery, as unnerving as it may be, just because it's how this is going to get fixed.

God's carried me through 20 surgeries.  God will get me through another.  That much I know.

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