Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whine, stomp, pout! Suck it up. Get on with it.

So...this whole writing a 20-page paper in French on a subject that is about 100 miles south of interesting?

Yeah, it really blows.

But it's gotta get done, and it's way better now than it would have been had I been trying to write in in the midst of all the school stuff I had to do last semester.

So yeah, I've done a good bit of whining today, but that gets me nowhere, so instead I'm going to count my blessings that Dr. Steegar is still even accepting this paper when he could have stuck me with the F once the incomplete ran out at the end of January.

And I'm going to be just a tad bit proud of myself that I have written 23 pages in 4 days.  I actually ended up finishing paper #2 last night in less than 8 hours of work. :)

I'd normally still be writing, but I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow to go to Raleigh, so I'm gonna get some sleep.  And tomorrow is a very special day!! :)

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