Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Cool Little God Story

So tonight I snapped my student ID in half. I'm a graceful one.

Of course, because Campbell doesn't get enough money out of us, it costs $15 to replace. A friend said they don't actually make you pay the $15 because she's had hers replaced for free, but I figured that with my luck, I would show up and they would make me pay it. So I started contacting a few people that I knew wouldn't judge me for needing to borrow money to get it replaced tomorrow, since I can't get in my dorm building or use my meal plan without my ID.

My sweet brother Clayton said yes. He was actually headed to the library, so he dropped by my dorm on the way. He pulled the $20 out of his wallet, and this was where things got cool. He said that he found that money in his wallet on Sunday, and he had no idea how it got there. He told God that he would wait and see what he was supposed to do with it...and then I texted him tonight. If that $20 hadn't shown up in his wallet, he wouldn't have had the cash to help me.

And as a testament to Clayton's character, when I thanked him and told him he was wonderful for helping me, he said "No, I'm not. God is. He put the money there."

My brothers are awesome. God is better.

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