Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The doc from Duke called today about the labs she got.  My thyroid levels are messed up again, which could very well be the reason why I've wanted to do nothing but sleep for the past month or so.

My Presidency paper has been turned in to Dr. Mero and he already graded it!  So by the end of the week I should have one less F on my record.

I accidentally turned in a paper in Emergency Management tonight that isn't due until next week.  That's a new one, even for me.

I got to have dinner with Austin tonight.  That is always the highlight of my day whenever we get to make it happen.  We all need a friend like that, the one who is always there to remind you that you're not crazy even when you feel like it.

Now, I'm waiting on my friend to bring me some cough drops because I have no money and my throat is in terrible shape  And I'm going to (hopefully) fall into a coma-like state until I have to get up and shower for class tomorrow.  Hence the early blog post.  And the uncreative title.

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