Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lots of rambling because my head hurts.

I was going to blog about something about an hour and a half ago, and then my phone rang and I spent an hour and 15 minutes on the phone with Gabe talking Campbell, politics, economics, and friendship, and my head now hurts really bad.  Like wow.

So since that's what's in my head, why don't I blog about that? I'll throw whatever else pops into my head at the end.

I adore Gabe.  I adore Nate.  I really do.  And I adore the College Democrats.  I love working with Louis and Chris and I think that this fall is going to be a really fun election season for all of us...if we can get past all of the stupid crap.  And being away from all of them this summer and being surrounded by people from all over the world who have such contrasting views on political and economic subjects has really made me think about how I want to approach things once we get back to campus.

I can't be the go-between anymore.  I can't be the one all the CRs come to when they have problems with something that one of the CDs said when I had no part in the original conversation/argument.  It really felt like I was getting played by both sides, Louis and Chris trying to convince me the CRs were trying to alienate me from the CDs, and Gabe and Nate trying to convince me that the CDs were messing with me.  I don't know what really was going on with any of them.  I just know that it can't be like this anymore.

It feels like we're all on the same page.  I get to keep my personal friends, I get to keep my political friends.  And I'm incredibly stubborn, so I plan on sticking to this "I'm not getting involved" policy from the start.

I can't wait for the fall.

I can't wait for TOMORROW!  Spending July 4th IN Washington DC is going to be SO EPIC.  Especially since I get to spend it with a certain boy. :)  Trust me, when there's something to tell, I'll tell.  For now, it's nothing.  PROMISE.

A few random bits:  Us Navy Memorial interns got let out at 2:00 which was a nice surprise.  I ran into Walter today, which was weird since it felt like he'd fallen off the face of the planet.  I spent 25 minutes on the phone with Matt, which almost never happens, and I was almost late to class, but it was so worth it because he is my best friend on the planet and no one can talk me down from a freak out like he can.  No one.

I'm so lucky to have these people in my life.  I really am.  Even if they do give me headaches, haha, Gabe said some things tonight that let me know just how highly he and Nate and that crew think of me.

The drama never ends, but I frankly don't even care because life is awesome.

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  1. Hope you are enjoying celebrating in DC! Can't wait to hear about it!