Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keep all tailless donkeys away from me.

Today was much better.  Well, less weird, I guess, because yesterday was overall okay, too.

I only made an idiot out of myself once, so that's an improvement.  Ha!  It was at the end of our College Democrats meeting.  (Which, that went better.  I ran into Dr. Mero and mentioned how I was feeling and what had been going on, and he said he'd talked to Tracie, the president.  I'm not sure if he already did, but if he didn't, that means hopefully things will STAY better.)  We were playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" (because we're Democrats, get it? haha Tracie thought she was so clever) and I was trying to avoid playing, but they made me.  So Chris spun me around, and he made sure I was headed for the wall when he stopped me, just like I saw him do with everyone else.  Instead of going STRAIGHT, ya know, TOWARDS THE WALL, I totally veered off to the left and ran into the desks.

Which is exactly why I was trying to avoid playing.  Ugh.  That was kind of embarrassing, but no one made fun of me (to my face, anyway).  It's my lack of balance!

All that aside, today was good.  Dr. Steegar let class out almost half an hour early, which he has NEVER done in the entire five semesters that I have had him.  I always love French. 

I got invited to join the Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society in the Political Science/History/Criminal Justice Department.  $45 for a lifetime membership and the resume boost?  Yes, please.  Of course, they mailed the form to Mom and I never got the email, so I had to go by today, and the receptionist had already sent the forms back to a professor, and he wasn't in his office, so I have to go back tomorrow.  It's weird that I don't ever really go in that building anymore because I have no Political Science classes this semester.  Oh well, soon enough I'll practically be living in there. 

Okay, I have nothing else to say.  Here's a fun video for your enjoyment.  It's a song by some dude named Gotye, but Pentatonix is in the video, and they won the most recent season of The Sing-Off.  I don't like the original, but I LOVE THIS.  It's been on repeat almost constantly since I downloaded it (for free!) yesterday.

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