Friday, October 29, 2010


Considering the fact that out of the past seven nights, I have had exactly zero good nights of sleep, words cannot describe how happy I am that it's Friday.

Get this:  I worked my butt off Wednesday and yesterday trying to perfect that poetry paper to turn it in today.  I get to class, and Dr. H says that because a ton of people asked her, she's giving us an extension.  Hah, of course.  But I turned the paper in today anyway, because if I stared at that thing any more, I was going to lose my mind.  Besides, I have another paper to worry about, so might as well get this one out of my hands.

Mom just called, and she won't be here till 7:30.  I think I'm gonna try to get my French homework out of the way, so I'll have one less thing to take home.

Remind me again why I want to go to grad school?  :)  Have a fabulous weekend! (And yes, I'm taking the computer with me tihs time.  I have to do that paper.)

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