Thursday, October 14, 2010


Looking at the stack of books and notebooks I have to take home this weekend, my head is just spinning.  I feel like I'm spinning in circles trying to get everything done.

But you know what?  Aside from feeling totally exhausted by everything, I'm really doing okay.  I'm not upset and don't feel overwhelmed by stress.  It's fantastic.

Thankfully, my professors are all being really, really nice about everything.  That definitely helps with the stress level. 

On the upside, I get to go home this weekend, because of my two appointments in Wilmington on Monday.  Which is totally awesome because Monday is also my mom's birthday, and so I get to be there for the family dinner on Sunday!  I'll probably be doing homework every other waking moment, but it's okay.

Must just keep focusing.

And try not to let the spinning make me dizzy. ;)

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