Monday, October 11, 2010


Why do I always wake up in the morning feeling like crap?

Why can I not eat anything without feeling like I'm going to puke?

Why do I let myself get so stressed out about school?

Why, why, why.  I went to go see my Honors professor this morning, and after talking with him, he suggested that I drop the class, and I agreed.  Then, I went to get my advisor to sign the form, and instead of fighting me on it like he did last time, he agreed, as well.  WHEW! Big relief.  There is a six page paper due in that class in two weeks, and with all the makeup work I have, there was no way I'd find the time to get it done well, and ya know, sleep and eat.  Also, hooray that my mom didn't get mad at me for it, either.

So aside from that freak out and embarassing myself by crying in front of my professor, today has been good.

Now, I have to finish copying some notes, and go to bed.  If I can stay awake that long.

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