Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where has the day gone?

While I got a late start to the day thanks to another headache, I have spent every waking moment reading and preparing for Western Civ.

You see, I still have two make-up quizzes to do.  One is on Chapters 22, 24, & 28, and one is for Chapters 23 & 25.  On top of that, I have to keep up with the reading and quizzes that is being assigned now.  Tuesday, there's a quiz on Chapters 29 & 31.

Not only is that a lot of chapters, add in that the chapters are anywhere from 20 to 35 pages long, and you can safely assume that my mind is totally fried.  I've gotten through 29, 31, and 23, and I'm about to read and prepare 25 and then hit the sack.  Just hope my headache doesn't get any worse to prevent me from finishing it.

Tomorrow?  I'm going to a church that's practically on campus as an assignment for my Intro to Christiannity class, and then the rest of the day is gonna be focused on English.

My life is so much fun, y'all! :)

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