Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yay for presents!

My grandmother is awesome. Seriously.

She bought me a very very very nice laptop and new printer (the printer my mom got me was faulty so we had no printer in the house) as my graduation present.

I am so EXCITED. I've spent the past like four hours downloading messenger and toolbars and microsoft and loading up the printer and just playing on it. I LOVE IT. It's going to be great to have at Campbell, especially since most of the classrooms have wireless hook-up and plugs for you to plug in your laptop in class, and I type wayyyy faster than I write so it'll be much easier to take notes. (And it has a real number key pad unlike most laptops, which means I can type in French accent codes when need be with ease.)

AND I got my bedding for my dorm room.

AND I got to go to Olive Garden.

Totally awesome day, I tell ya.

And I get to see Matt tomorrow. For the first time since December. :) But that's beside the point.

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