Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Support of Friends

Alex, who called me back within 15 minutes of me calling him and let me cry on the phone to him for 10 minutes and didn't think it was weird and just comforted.

Ryann, who texted me while she's at her internship and went into protective / angry best friend mode.

Matt, who let me vent to him on Facebook and made me temporarily forget why I was upset by making me laugh like only he can.

Laura, who let me vent to her on Facebook and was just genuinely supportive.

Louis, who called to check on me after the meeting and let me rant and vent at him, letting me take my anger out on him even though none of this was his fault, thanking me for my devotion and reassuring me that at least he really wants me to stay in the club.

And Caitie, who listened to me when my phone accidentally called her (dang touch screen!) and reminded me of God's Truth - that there must just be something greater that He has in store for me.

I guess I should tell you why all of these friends showed up for me tonight, huh?  Well, uh, the College Democrats who showed up to the election meeting tonight to vote on next semester (and possibly next year)'s Executive Board decided to vote me out of being Secretary and replace me with someone else.  And I was the ONLY officer who didn't get re-elected to the board, save for a girl who didn't want to be re-elected.  Yeah, needless to say, I spent a good portion of the next 3 hours crying.  It made me feel like the old me, like the outcast that no one wanted.

I know, I know, it's not that big of a deal in perspective, and next year's not an election year so the club won't be nearly as exciting, anyway.  But I devoted 7 months of my life to this club; when I wasn't in class or doing homework, I was pretty much always doing something for this club.  And I know I did a good job.  So it's fresh, and it's stings and I'm more stressed out than usual because we're nearing the end of the semester, so I just lost it.

At the end of the day, it sucks, but I'll get over it.  And I know Caitie is right.  If I believe that God has a reason for everything else that has happened in my life, I have to believe that He has a reason for this.  I don't have the slightest clue yet what that reason is, but there has to be one, I don't have to know what it is.

So yeah, tonight, I'm grateful for the support of these six friends who showed up when I needed them and made me feel a little better, who showed me that I still do have friends and that I am still loved.

I'm also grateful for the comfort that comes in knowing God has a plan for me.

Jeremiah 29:11. Believe it.  Live it.  I'm trying to.

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  1. Hmm - it sounds like a chunk of your time just got freed up. I wonder what in the world God will give you to fill it up? I'll bet it will be a lot more fulfilling than hanging out with those guys...

  2. Really sorry this happened! I know how much this club meant to you. I know you are passionate about it and you devoted yourself to it. Regardless of whether or not those people who voted you out saw that or not, YOU can take pride in your passion and devotion! Chin up, friend!! :)