Friday, September 30, 2011

I hate hell weeks.

When Holly was a freshman in college, she started calling weeks when she had a bunch of tests right in a row "hell weeks."  I thought that was a weird phrase, and if I remember correctly, also thought she had to be exaggerating.  (Holly is more often than not a very dramatic person, especially when she's stressed or tired, so this was a plausible reaction.)

Heh.  Well, I like to imagine God was making a note of that in my life's book for a few years down the line when I became the college student.

Two tests last Thursday.
One test Monday.
One test that I was supposed to take Wednesday but ended up taking Thursday because I missed class.

I don't think I've slept through the night since about last Monday.  Not to mention that my migraines have been out of control (surprise, surprise), which made everything just that much more fun.

But hey, I survived.  It's Friday.  I can sleep in tomorrow.  And basically the only homework I have this weekend is a bunch of reading.  And that's about as low-stress as my homework list can get.  And I pretty much get a break on Sunday because I'll be going to Sunset Beach and back.  That'll probaby be an all-day deal.

So yes, in the end, I will publicly announce: Holly was right.  "Hell week" is an appropriate name.  And I am grateful that I do not have another one of those in the near future.


  1. Hell week is a very appropriate term indeed. I may have to steal the phrase...

    I hope your migraines improve and go away!

  2. I remember having those weeks in college. And now I find myself wishing for them again. The working world is even harder!