Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mal - 1, Procrastination - 0

I finished my essay at 8:25.

And I didn't even start on it till 4:30.

And I ate dinner, watched most of an episode of Glee (while eating dinner), went to a meeting, and took a shower in that four hours, too.

I'd call that a win!

Haha, seriously, though, I'm just lucky that I'm a good writer, so essays almost always come pretty easy for me.  Otherwise, I never would've managed to get that entire essay done today.  I didn't even get stressed out about it.  I kinda figured I could do it.  So extra win in that department. :)

Now, since I did my French homework in between Music and State & Local, I'm going to chill and rewatch an episode of TV from last night.  Sounds like a perfect time on a rainy night like this.  :)

(Note to self: BUY AN UMBRELLA!!! Next time you get caught in the rain without one, chances are it won't be the end of the day and it'll be much harder! BUY ONE PRONTO.)

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  1. I hate when I get soaked at school, especially as a commuter who doesn't have any way of going and changing out of wet clothes. It's been raining here since yesterday and it's supposed to continue through Friday...