Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy, but in a good way.


*sigh of relief*

Yeah, I came home.  I know I said I might not, but I needed a break.  Even if it means having to listen to Chelsea.  I get to see my mom, and Blake, and I get the heck off that campus for a few days.

I got a surprise when I got home today, too.  My mom was already home because her school's schedule was off this whole week thanks to Irene.  And then, she told me she was taking me out.  I had no idea why, but I certainly wasn't going to say no.  We spent 5 hours shopping at Belk (and eating dinner at a Japanese buffet).  My mom saw all the clearance signs and went figuratively insane.

I mentioned I could use some new black dress shoes because I wasn't really crazy about the one pair I have.  Oh, okay, let's see if we can find you some shoes.

I was talking about the concerts I have to go to at Campbell.  Well, let's buy you some nice things.

All I can say is thank heavens for clearance racks and my mother's love of sale shopping.  We spent about $110, you wanna know what I got?

7 tops (1 was for her)
1 dressy orange jacket
2 skirts
1 pair of cream dress shoes

Is my mom awesome, or is my mom awesome?  :)  I am happy.  And she is happy.  Now, I must crash.

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  1. You got a lot for that amount! Have a wonderful long weekend.