Saturday, September 3, 2011

The shopping gods were with me.

Campbell has its 125th Anniversary Ball on October 21st.

My friend Morgan has been trying to convince me to go even though chances are I won't have a date and every girl I know will.  I kinda wanted to, but had no idea what I'd wear because it's "black tie preferred" attire.  I told her if I could figure out what to wear, I'd do it.

I've been talking to Mom about it all weekend.  The only formal gown I own is my old prom dress and she and I both thought it would look too juvenile/"prom"ish for an event like this.  I had said I just wasn't going to go but when my mother gets an idea in her head there's no stopping her.  She decided we were going to find me something to wear.  My apprehension about her spending even more money on me was overridden by her.

We went to JCPenney's and they didn't have a single gown in the entire store that wasn't made for someone Holly's size (which I will never be, even when I do manage to lose all the weight I need to lose).  We went back to Belk's, and scoured the racks for almost an hour.

And then, there it was.  The perfect dress.

I mean, it should have had a spotlight and angels singing "The Hallelujah Chorus" around it, it is that perfect.

It was black.  It was my size.  It looked formal.  And it was on a clearance rack. 

We went to the dressing room so I could try it on, and as Mom came in to zip it up, I think I held my breath praying it would work.

It fit perfectly.

It makes me look thinner.  It covers the unattractive rolls right at my armpits.  It's not tight anywhere.  And it was the only dress of that style in the entire store.  THE ONLY ONE.  It's like it was just sitting there screaming "BUY ME, MAL! BUY ME, MAL!" waiting for me.

God rocks.  And apparently He really wants me to go to this ball. :)

My mom rocks, too, in case that wasn't clear.

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