Friday, September 16, 2011

Towson sucks.

Reasons I like today:

started my morning with a sweet text from a friend
9:00 class canceled
done with class at noon
was able to focus on work this afternoon
dinner with Amy
a break from work to go watch soccer (we lost in overtime but the whole team was amazing)
it finally feels like FALL!!!!

That soccer game was grueling, yet also very, very entertaining.  Apparently Towson had been talking crap about Gaylord (our mascot) (yes, that's his name) (I'm not kidding) all week, so he showed up with the Camel Crazies tonight and walked out on the field with the team at the start. (He's the mascot, he's allowed to.)  The Crazies brought a little stuffed tiger (the other team's mascot) and wrapped a neon orange dog leash around its neck.  For the entire first half, Gaylord walked around the stands dragging it around through the dirt, swinging it like a lasso, kicking it, punching it, letting other people kick and punch it, and wiping off wet bleachers with it. Even Especially in front of the Towson parents. :D

Speaking of Towson parents, I think it's ridiculous that these people drove 360 miles one way for a two-hour soccer game.  There were a LOT of them.  That's just a lot of wasted gas money!  But seriously, these people were rude and obnoxious.  So yes, I did get a good amount of enjoyment from a) Gaylord and the stuffed tiger and b) their faces when we forced it into overtime with four minutes left.

I've got a weekend of homework to do. Big surprise there, huh?

Not really, no.

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  1. Funny how all that homeowrk shows up on the weekend, isn't it? Off to go do mine! Have fun with yours. :)