Saturday, September 10, 2011

...or not.

Pack, I'm both sad and proud.  Sad that you let us get down 27-6 and waited till halfway through the third quarter to start playing the game, but proud that you went from that pathetic score to ending the game at 34-27.  Big, big improvement, and much more respectable.  You better BRING IT next Saturday with South Alabama.

Though I have to say, yours wasn't the worst game of the day.  I watched the U of Florida/UAB game to support my friend Lauren, and those Florida Gators killed UAB 39-0.  So...not the worst, but still not great.

Oh, and Campbell beat Apprentice 76-0!

Also, I was totally planning on working on my massive homework list....yeah, that didn't really happen, either.  I got a little done, and did all of my laundry, but it was in general also a fail.  Oops! :)

Tomorrow: really doing work, and a 9/11 Memorial Service here at Campbell (which includes credit for my music class!).


  1. Hmm, somehow I have a massive homework list still staring at me too. And most of it was supposed to get done yesterday. Yay procrastination! :)

  2. The PSU game was BAD. Could have been the worst of the day. Alabama killed us. The Big 10 just cannot compete with the SEC. It's gonna be a loooong season.