Thursday, June 10, 2010

God amazes me.

Just when I get to the point where I'm so fed up and stressed about everything that I'm up sobbing at 2 in the morning, God comes in and makes me feel silly for ever thinking that this would not work out.

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, aren't you? :)


She had a meeting with a guy at the County Office of Education today, and it's quite complicated, so I'm just going to copy and paste the details from an email I sent to a friend earlier.

Well, long story short, the guy at the county office said that she would be put on an action plan in the fall. That's basically this thing where it says she has one semester (90 school days) to redeem herself, and if her absences are not excessive, the action plan would be satisfied and it wouldn't matter anymore. The downside is that it's kind of a red flag on her record if she ever wants to get hired anywhere else, meaning she probably wouldn't be able to, making her pretty much committed to Craven County (the county she's in now) for the rest of her career. HOWEVER, her friend Rachel teaches in another county, and she's already talked to her principal, and that principal said as soon as a position opens up and they get out of this hiring freeze they're in, Mom has a job at that school, action plan or not. The issue is no one has any idea when that will be.

So as of now, I think this is what Mom has decided on: She was going to have to get a summer job anyway, due to not getting a paycheck for June or July (and she had to basically give her entire paycheck back for May because they overpaid her), so instead of looking for some crap job like waitressing, she's going to look for a real job, maybe not in education. Since the action plan doesn't have to be signed till August, if, by the end of the summer, she can find a job with at least the same salary and benefits (we're losing my Social Security check at my 18th birthday, so we can't afford to take another pay cut), she'll take that job till a position at Rachel's school opens up because she's so miserable at New Bern. If not, she'll sign the action plan and go back to work at New Bern in August.

Either way, HALLELUJAH! She has a job! Considering the circumstances, this really could not have worked out any better.

Oh, and here's something else exciting, though trivial. I went on Amazon today and found the laptop charger I need for $15.38 including shipping. We also found one for Holly, because Jax ate through hers, for $21.08. AND my grandma paid for them, and my mom is paying her back, so I don't have to spend my birthday money on that!

Yay. Just yay.

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  1. SO glad to see this good news! I hope this allows you and your mom to relax a little bit for a while! I am sure you are both so relieved! I hope that whatever is in her future is perfect as well. I am sure you will both sleep well tonight, with a lot less to worry about!

    Good news about the power cord too! Ha!