Thursday, June 3, 2010

I realized something today.

And honestly, I find it a little pathetic. I haven't left the house once since I got home from my surgery on the 22nd. That's 12 days ago! Gah. So tomorrow, my grandma, mom and I are all going to Jacksonville. My grandma has to go to Walmart, and my mom has to pay some bills. Hopefully, I can convince them to go to Olive Garden for lunch. ;)

And then, my grandma has to take me to Wilmington on Monday. I'm getting this cast taken off, some new x-rays done to make sure everything is healing properly, and then apparently getting a new cast put on. I don't remember the doctor saying anything about that, but my mom says that's what's happening, so we'll see. Hopefully this new cast won't be quite as heavy and bulky.

I also think I'm going to have to ask him for more pain meds. I only have two pills left, and I'm going to try to live on Ibuprofen till Monday, but if it hurts too bad, then I know I can just ask him for another prescription. I just hope he doesn't fight me on it. We also should be setting up my second surgery. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get it for July 2nd (or July 9th if we absolutely can't get it on the 2nd)!

I am quite exhausted. Good night all!

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  1. Ah I would be going crazy! I hope you enjoy your day out and get to go to Olive Garden! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!