Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drama, Drama, and Moooooore Drama

If only this drama that I was talking about was theatre, the drama I like.
Instead, it's the drama that involves Chelsea freaking out at Mom because she "said she was only taking Blake for a few days, and she took him for a week!" When all she had to do if she wanted Blake back sooner is text Mom like she did today.
Then, a couple hours later, Chelsea calls Mom sobbing and screaming and actually asks her "what she did to him" because Blake wouldn't stop crying, and he hates her, and yada yada yada.
So then Mom went to go get Chelsea and Blake again to come stay here for a few days which filled me with dread. Then, by magic!, he stopped crying.

And stupid freaking dramatic fakers Ghana beat us today. By the exact same score they beat us by four years ago. Grrrrr.

My mother is crazy. But this is in a good way. ;)

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