Friday, June 11, 2010


See, here's the thing. 
I'm a very stubborn person.
I get it from my mom.
With either of us, if you try to make us do something we don't want to do, we'll just become that much more determined not to do it.

So imagine how it went when it became crystal clear that these people at New Bern are trying to force my mom into resigning.  They dangle a picture of good news in front of her face (she will be teaching again) and then pile loads of crap on top of it.

Today, my mom found out that both semesters, all she'll be teaching is English 1, something she's taught one section of in her entire life.  She doesn't have her own classroom again, after a year and a half of being the floater, when there are teachers who joined the English department after her who have never had to do that.  She's in a different classroom every period, and one of those classrooms is that of a woman who has been nothing but extremely rude to my mom for no reason, something the principal and assistant principals are very well aware of.

They're trying to make her so miserable that she'll just give up and quit.  We know this because the same crap was pulled last August and this past January.

I'm trying so hard to be grateful that she at least has a job, but it makes me so angry to watch her be treated so horribly, when she is one of the best teachers I've ever seen.  And I know dealing with all this makes her depressed, and I sit her and watch her and can't do anything to help her and that makes me sad.

Okay, rambling over.  I just had to get this all out.

On the plus side, Holly and Carmen are coming down for the day on Monday, and there's 4 days till my birthday!! :)


  1. That stinks! Is there any way that her assignment will change before the school year starts?

  2. Thanks! :) And I will hold on to hope for that slim chance that maybe somehow, someone will change their mind about where to place her. How unfair. It's such a shame that there's nothing she can really do about it, since she needs a job. It doesn't seem right at all for them to do that.