Friday, June 4, 2010

Burnin' Up

It was so hot today!
And for it being my first day out of the house, that was a really bad thing.
We also went to Sam's Club, where it was boiling inside, as well.
I was soaked halfway through the day.
In Sam's, I was sitting on a bench outside the bathroom, and some lady took pity on me and bought me one of the giant sodas that they sell there. It was sweet.
But seriously, the only other time I've sweated that much in recent memory is when I moved out of Campbell last month.
Oh, and we didn't get to go to Olive Garden. My mom "wasn't in the mood," and it would be really bad for her acid reflux. But my grandma says she'll take me to Olive Garden on Monday after my appointment. So we went to a fairly new Mexican restaurant here in town. It was pretty good. I had a chimichanga, something I've never had before. It was big, and filling. I was stuffed after just eating some chips and salsa and that.
I can't wait to get this cast off Monday. The itchiness gets worse every day.
Um...that's about it!

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