Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Upwards of one hundred.

That's how many times it feels like I've been put on Prednisone in the past year and a half.

My pain doctor put me back on it today because of the severe chest wall pain I'm having from the pleurisy. The docs at Duke told me a few days of Ibuprofen would take care of it. Well, they were wrong, evidently.

And to add to it, she told me to hold off on the weaning of the Oxycodone till we get this pain under control. Which means I'll have to deal with the rebound headaches even longer.

My headache and body pain were so bad last night that I cried for half an hour. If you know anything about me by now, you know that it takes an insanely high amount of pain to make me cry. As I told the doc today, the only times in recent memories I remember crying over pain were 1) when my shunt valve broke, 2) when I had the staph infection, and 3) when I had the referred pain from my collapsed lung.

My chest is tight like I'm wheezing from bad asthma trouble, but I'm barely wheezing at all, and you can only hear it with a stethoscope.

So let's hope this works, huh?


  1. I was just reading this post about Prednisone (http://moreena.typepad.com/falling_down_is_also_a_gi/2009/12/possible-diagnosis-of-illness-postponed-due-to-other-illness-.html) and now reading your post about it too is bringing back painful prednisone memories. GAH! Prednisone sucks. The eating, the insane insomnia, ugh, I'm so sorry you've had to be on it so many times. I only encountered it once, and if someone even mentioned me taking it again, I think I'd punch them.

  2. Oh man. I just posted on the other post about your weaning and now that. I hate taking prednisone, but I am taking it daily for 2 years now and can't get off it any time soon. Hang in there!!!!