Tuesday, December 22, 2009


They don't seem to be coming to me easily lately.
I went from brain surgeries
to GI problems
to more brain surgeries
to pneumonia and a collapsed lung
and now I have pleurisy that has got me sobbing on a regular basis.

I am taking all of my meds and doing all of the things docs have suggested for me to do to help it, and the pain gets worse by the day. It's now spread all the way to the center of my back from the right side. I used to think it took a lot of pain to get me to cry, but not with this. I cried for an hour straight earlier today. It really sucks. And I don't know why it's not getting at least a little better. It's got my mom worrying about whether I'm ready to go back to Campbell on the 10th, which is freaking me out in a totally new way.

Today, I got up at 6:30 and went to Mom's workday and helped her for 5 hours. We had to drop Chelsea at some doctor appointment beforehand, so we didn't get to the school till a little after 8, and we left at 1:15. I thought I was tired when I got there...hah! By the time those 5 hours were over, I could barely walk to the car and wouldn't even go to this new Mexican restaurant that Mom wanted to take me to. Me turning down Mexican food is RARE.

I've done nothing all day but writhe and sob in pain and try to distract myself with Law and Order: SVU. So yep. Prayers would be great. :/

Oh, and one last thing...Yesterday when Mom and I were going to withdraw money from her bank, we saw this nice car in the parking lot, a Chrysler Sebring. A girl named Jenny owns the car. You wanna know how I know? She had emblazoned "Princess Jenny" across the top of the windshield in pink cursive. (I don't know if emblazoned is the right word, but I like it.) Okay, in how many different languages can you say TACKY? The only way that's not actually tacky is if you were actually a royal princess, and even then, it's a little iffy. Seriously. Haha.

Okay, that's it. Night all.

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  1. Wow, this really sounds terrible! I'm so sorry your pain isn't controlled well.

    As for taking all your meds as you're supposed to but still not getting the result you wish for, I know how that feels. My Doc told me to think about a new medication because once again the one I'm on now isn't working like it should. ARgh!

    Prayin for you!