Sunday, June 1, 2014


How is it June already?

I haven't done anything today, really, because even standing up is pretty dang painful.  The whole top half of that foot is throbbing, and it's not bandaged that tightly.

I've been working on laundry, but the two things now at the top of my priority list are finishing my FAFSA form and doing the thank you cards from my party.

I didn't walk today, for obvious reasons.  But I really don't like the feeling of not doing it.  It's weird.  Who knew I'd grow to love it, especially so quickly?  Tomorrow, I'm going to bandage up as best as I can and put an extra sock on that foot and get out.  It may or may not be the full four miles, and it will almost certainly not be as fast as my normal speed, but it'll be something.

Two weeks until 22.  Just saying. :)

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