Monday, June 30, 2014

And now it's the end of June.

My muscles are so weak still.  It's really quite aggravating.  I had to get the neighbor to help me lock my gate because I couldn't get the lock to shut.  Thank God for nice neighbors.

Still no update on the loan stuff.  We're running out of options, so I would appreciate your continued prayers.

I'm officially sick, too.  Surgery and sickness always seem to run in tandem for me.

Today has been soccer and Dateline and taking care of Mom and that's really quite about it.  Ten more days until she's off the crutches!  That's what her doctor said at her appointment last week so yay for that.

This is how bored I've been:  I spent ten minutes asking Siri the weather for different cities around the world.  I really need a life.

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