Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There we go.

The nausea finally subsided by the time I woke up today, though the pain barely improved at all.  But a friend told me to be aware of the possibility of a spiritual attack, so I decided that I was going to force myself to get out tonight.  

However, with my foot still not totally healed and the various severe pains I'm dealing with all over my body, I knew I wouldn't be moving very quickly.  So I decided that my only goal for tonight was to make it to four miles, no matter how long it took me.  And I did that, so yay!

As JD said tonight when I was a little frustrated with the speed/time (yes, even considering the pain - I know, I'm way too hard on myself), four miles is amazing on a good day, never mind a hard one!  God is working.

I had finished eating dinner only about 20 minutes before I left, so I didn't feel hungry when I got back inside.  I got in the shower after resting about 20 minutes, and BOOM, my sugar crashed while I was still in there.  That was fun.  Thankfully my mom was here and got me a cereal bar and a drink to get it back up.  I won't make that mistake again.  (Also thankfully, the only thing I missed doing in the shower was conditioning my hair, it can go without that for one night.)

Also, funny comment: when I first got in, my mom asked me how much I did, and I told her four miles, and she looked at me and exclaimed, "Good grief, Mallory, you took two days off! Did it not occur to you that maybe you should ease back into it?!"

To put it bluntly, no.

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