Thursday, January 9, 2014

And so it begins.

Well, if I wasn't sure before, I am now.  I definitely picked the right One Word for this year.

I had my first meeting of my Senior Seminar tonight, and whoa baby, it's going to be a long semester.

Let's not even think about the fact that I have 40 pages of papers to write of make up stuff from last semester before I even start on the work for this semester, I already have 45-60 pages of papers assigned for this semester, and I haven't been to two of my classes.

I've had this constant overwhelming fear the past few days that I can't do this, that I'm not cut out for this.  But I know that I can.  And I have to.  I have to graduate in May.  And I'm going to.  It's just believing that in the meantime that is the difficult part.

Ready.  Set.  Go.

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