Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pajama Day


In case you hadn't heard, it's very cold outside.  Unless you're in Florida, which is apparently the universal outlier for cold weather.  Eh, there has to always be one.

Anyway, yes, it's very cold.  Not nearly as cold as it is in other places around the country (hello, -70 wind chill in Wisconsin, you can go die), but cold enough that every square inch of North Carolina has gone into apocalypse-level panic mode.  Cold enough that I actually turned the heat on in my dorm room, which I literally have not done in years.  Cold enough that Pastor Chris posted this on his Twitter last night, and it cracked me up.

Turns out, there's actually a place in Norway called Hell that you can pull up on the weather app.  That's a winner.

And of course, we don't get snow.  Just bitter, bitter cold.  And it'll be about 70 degrees on Saturday.  Because this is North Carolina and nothing makes sense.

So today, I did not get out of my pajamas.  And it was pretty awesome.  I actually got bored enough that I tried to make plans with people, but nothing worked out for today, so I took it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to take off these oh-so-comfy pajamas today.  There are worse things in life.

My sweet friend Summer actually did come for a while tonight.  All we did was sit around talking.  About what we did over break, family, boys, and friend issues and some fear that I've been struggling with lately.  She said something that was really simple but also deep enough that it put my heart at ease quite a bit.  "You could tell, the way they looked at you.  You're their sister."  And the way she said that, I knew there wasn't a doubt in her mind.  If she could tell that from some brief interactions, I knew that I had to be overreacting.  But the thing is, knowing you're almost certainly overreacting doesn't always make you stop worrying.  With me, it rarely does.  Deep breaths and baby steps.

Tomorrow, the real fun begins.

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