Friday, September 27, 2013

The Hands of Jesus

When I wrote yesterday that I felt God using Bryce to reach me on Wednesday, I certainly wasn't expecting him to up that by like times ten today.  Today was nuts, but it was beautiful.

So there are maybe 15 or so kids in this Protestant Reformation class with me.  Bryce, and Chris from the College Democrats, are the only two I know.  I don't even know most of the rest of their names.  But today, a whole bunch of them showed me that there's more to the student body at this school than the not-so-nice ones I'm used to dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

About 15 minutes into class, I started feeling like I was going to have a seizure.  So I told Dr. Jonas, and immediately laid down on the ground (tile floor in there, hitting my head would've been way worse than hitting my head on my dorm floor was!).  Dr. Jonas immediately got on the phone to get help, someone got me a wet paper towel, and Chris gave me water.  Then Dr. Jonas cleared the class, telling them it was canceled for today, and I expected everyone to just leave happy that class was being canceled.  Well no. Several of the people said something to me on their way out about how they were praying for me.  Bryce came and sat right by my head, holding my hand and rubbing my shoulder, and I noticed another kid in a gray t-shirt pacing back and forth.  I had no idea what his name was (and didn't until about 2 hours ago), but it was clear he wasn't leaving either.  Soon I realized he was helping watch for the paramedics and get them up to the third floor where we were.

I couldn't catch my breath and my vision was kind of blurry, so I don't remember a whole lot of what happened after that until the paramedics showed up, but I do remember asking Bryce to pray for me, and he did right then.  What surprised me the most was that the first words he said were, "God, I just want to thank you for our friendship and the bond that we share."  It didn't hit me until much later the depth behind that and how much he clearly values me and our friendship.  And he prayed for God's compassion and peace to wash over me, never letting go of me the entire time.  He helped me slow my breathing down and really just keep me calm.  The fact that I didn't ask him to stay, but he did and did whatever needed to be done to help me showed me even more the kind of guy that he is.

Well, not long after that, I went unconscious.  The next thing I knew, Dr. Jonas was in my face shouting my name.  I could see Bryce and the other guy James moving the front tables out of the way as the paramedics were on their way up.  They got there and starting doing their usual stuff, but Bryce and James still didn't leave.  I heard Dr. Jonas tell the paramedics I stopped breathing while I was out (which is unusual), but all I really remember other than that is the 4 paramedics (yes, 4 of them showed up because we were on the 3rd floor and the building's elevator is TINY so the other two came to make sure they could get everything back down to the ambulances, and they were needed) getting me up and onto the stretcher (good thing there were 4 of them).  Then, I looked over and saw Bryce sitting there looking absolutely terrified, so I got him to come over and give me a hug.

And then?  The paramedics wheeled me out to the elevator, and I remembering seeing at least 4 of my classmates (not sure which ones, haha), sitting there on the couches watching and waiting.  Clearly these kids were more concerned about me than class being canceled.

The paramedics gave me fluids and oxygen on the way to the hospital.  My blood sugar was 73 (I'll get to that later).  Thankfully, the guy in the back with me has treated me before (imagine that) and he remembered me and my history and just kept me talking and was very kind.

The hospital didn't seem super slammed.  I got there just before 12:00 and was discharged by 2:30.  Since I didn't fall, they didn't have to run as many tests as before.  The doctor ordered Ativan to prevent another seizure, and they did usual bloodwork and urine sample, and then she sent me to get a head CT because, like always, gotta check the shunt.  Long story short, everything came back normal except my potassium.  That was low again, just like it was 3 weeks ago.  I got up with Mom who was freaking out because they called her out of a meeting (what are we going to do about your sugar?!).  I told her to go back to work and I'd call Stacy, my regular neurologist, when I got back to my dorm.  The doc was in there while I was on the phone with her, and that was when I knew my potassium was low, but that everything else was fine, but she, too, told me I needed to go to my regular neurologist since this has happened twice in 3 weeks.

So I called Stacy when I got back to my room, and I have an appointment there on October 10th (which is thankfully Fall Break).  Basically, there are three possibilities here: a) I just need my seizure med changed, either the actual med or the dosage, b) I need to go on potassium supplements, or c) I get diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which is basically chronic low blood sugar.  It doesn't really matter.  It's going to work out.  Stacy is good.

All I can really think about tonight is that class.  Dr. Jonas, and Bryce, and James, and Chris, and whoever those kids were sitting watching and waiting for me.  I let Chris know when I was back on campus, and he told me to not feel guilty about canceling the class that day, because he knew I was.  Dr. Jonas messaged me on Twitter to tell me he'd been praying for me, and that the whole class cared.  Bryce texted me on and off today, outside of soccer practice, and told me he would've done anything necessary to help.  And James, that kid put so much effort into helping a girl who didn't even know his name until Dr. Jonas told me.  I have to make sure I personally thank him on Monday, because I think that what he did touched me most of all.

It's such a nice reminder of the real heart of the school that I go to.  To see people, some of whom don't even know me, be the hands of Jesus to me in a time of need instead of being freaked out or just leaving to celebrate a free hour really is a beautiful thing.  I am blessed, for sure, and I can't wait to be back with them on Monday.

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