Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's past 3:30 am right now.

It's past 3:30 am, and I just finished reading the last third of this Hitler book.

The book is 726 pages in all.

My vision is kind of blurry.

And now I have to write the last third of my review.

And print four copies.

I'm so tired.

But I really can't wait for this stupid thing to be out of my hands and over with tomorrow.

So then I can start getting caught up on all the other stuff I've put off trying to finish this whenever my head decided to cooperate.

But I have a good blog post for tomorrow.  Because today was a very good day.  A sweet day.  A day of reminders of how loved I really am.  Something I needed.

But like I said, that will have to wait.  I have to be up at 8:00.

Yay college.

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