Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good thing we're going to the late service tomorrow.

Because if we were going to the 9 am like we usually do, the wake-up call in the morning would be rough considering it's about 2:30 am now and I'm just getting into bed.  But TJ, the guy who gives me a ride every week, has a friend who is getting baptized at the 11 am service, so we're going to that. So yay for 2 extra hours of sleep.

Today was...blah.  My head wouldn't cooperate much as I tried to make my way through this Hitler book that I am super behind on for my review that is due on Thursday, so I sort of read in spurts and took about hour-long naps in between.  I ate when necessary and did my laundry late tonight when no one was in my way.

Other than that, I did take a break to participate in a Google hangout as part of the Jesus > Religion street team.  Members have been getting together weekly to discuss a couple chapters of the book at a time, but I work during those shows, so I can't participate.  Since there were apparently several of us who mentioned we were unavailable during that hour (because really, there's no way to get 150+ people free at the same time), the guys who came up with the whole idea created a "Follow Up" show where people can discuss questions that came out of the main episode and any other ideas that we had.  It was really, really cool.  The people on the call with me were super nice, and we all got to talk, and I was able to share pieces of my story that tied into the main episode from Tuesday, pieces from Jeff's book, as well as just what we were talking about during the chat.  After Josh and Emily, the other two on the call, had signed off, the other girl, Rebeka, and I were able to chat for a minute and she gave me some really sweet advice about life and my family.  It was sweet.  I feel like I'm making friends all across the country through this thing, and we're all just a bunch of people who are trying to promote Jeff's book, but more importantly, make Jesus famous.  It's awesome.

Oh, and in a total "SMALL WORLD!" moment, this week I found out that one of the members of the Street Team is a member of Pastor Chris's church and I'll get to meet her in December!  That was crazy to find out.

Um yeah, that's about it.  I'm crashing now.  Church in the morning, and then back to working on this Hitler book & review.

Yay college.

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