Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Night Before

Well, I survived. 5 exams in 51 hours.

And my hardest one was the last one.  And my head was the worst today, of course.

I'm not totally sure how well I did on it (not a confidence issue, my professor is an unpredictable grader), but at least it's done and I filled an entire blue book with information despite having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Afterwards, I went and returned my books, and then promptly came back to my room and took a very long nap.

I was lazy pretty much all afternoon, and have spent all evening/night packing up as much as I can.

Mom, Matt, Holly, and Justin (only person I know with a truck) are all due to be here at 1:30 tomorrow.  It's a good thing I go to the early church service; I'll be back  by 11 and this will give me a couple hours to eat lunch and finish packing everything I need tomorrow up.

I'm simultaneously incredibly happy and horribly sad to be leaving tomorrow.  I'm happy because it's summer and I get 3.5 months of freedom (well, once I get this make-up research paper out of the way) to spend with my mom and Blake and without school stress (again, after this paper is done), and I still get one more Sunday with my church family.  I'm sad because Ryann is graduating, going back to California, and then moving somewhere overseas to play pro soccer and who knows when we'll see each other again, and I have to be without my church family for 3.5 months, and be stuck in a house with Chelsea all summer, and honestly, because this place is home to me.

It's my home.  I haven't even left yet, and I already can't wait to come back.

At least I get to see both Holly and Matt tomorrow.  There's a plus.

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