Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorites

So I realized last night that with all of the surprise hospital craziness, I never put my latest Vesper pictures on the blog.  And since all that happened today was a lot of sleep and a lot of homework, that's what you're getting.

It was so good to see these guys again.  Like, really, so, so good.  This stretch was the longest I've gone without seeing them since I met them, and I quite honestly felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I woke up on April 8th, so anxious for them to get here I could hardly stand it.

Their show was at 10:00.  Taylor texted me in the middle of my 8:00 class to let me know they were here, and I ended up skipping my 9:00 class to hang out with them before the show.  Which turned out to be a huge blessing, not only because it was my only time to hang out with them as they left almost immediately after the show but also because I was sitting in a tiny room with 5 of my best friends when I got that phone call from my mom.  I was able to verbally process everything with them, and the last thing they did before they went out on stage was pray over me.  I have no doubt that their presence played a huge part in keeping my nerves calm that morning.

The show was incredible, per usual.  I had a front row seat, per usual. I got another T-shirt to add to my collection, per usual. :)

And of course, I got pictures with all of them.  They know how I work; even on their time crunch, they obliged for their VIP. ;)

First off, this is Caitie.  Isn't she pretty?  I love her quite a bit.  My sister, for sure.



Bruno...I actually got a legit smile out of B Jones!!  

Taylor.  It probably comes as no surprise that I missed this kid most of all.  Hands down, one of my best friends, and it was so great to be reunited with him again; we've grown exponentially closer since the last time we saw each other.  And that's the Niners hat I got him! :)

I loved getting to give them all their gifts.  Seeing the smiles on their faces was totally thanks enough.  I loved how stoked Taylor was about his Niners stuff, a T-shirt with their "Who's got it better than us? Nobody!" catch phrase on it, that hat, and a pin.  Phoebe and Callie told me I didn't have to get them anything for their weddings, so it was sweet to surprise them.  Bruno loved his gift, too, which was a donation to an organization focused on stopping sex trafficking by spreading the Gospel.  And Caitie kind of melted over hers, which was a journal in which I wrote a quote on every single page, kind of the perfect thing from one girl who loves words to another.

I know I've said this about a billion different times in a million different ways on this blog, but y'all, these 5 kids right here are pretty much my most favorite people on the planet.  When they all surrounded me and prayed over me that morning, it just reaffirmed my knowledge that these aren't just some of my best friends or my favorite bands, these are my family, just as much as my blood or church family.  These are my brothers and sisters.  I am immeasurably blessed by their presence in my lives and learn about Christ every day just by the way they love me.

I even wore the new shirt they gave me to the hospital that day.  Orange + gray = the perfect shirt for me.  This is now my favorite Vesper shirt, and probably my favorite shirt I own at all because these are the softest t-shirts ever.  It was a sweet reminder as I sat in the ER that day that these loved ones of mine were right there with me in spirit.

Now if only I knew when they were coming back to me... ;)

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