Monday, April 15, 2013

Hit the ground running.

This text I sent out a couple hours ago sums up today pretty nicely.

Despite my pain being back to like a 9/9.5 all day...

despite barely sleeping last night...

despite having that typical "I've been hit by a truck" body ache feeling that comes with getting out of the hospital...

I had a wonderful day.  I was just asking for okay; God gave me wonderful.  That's God for ya.

I had way more energy than I expected to considering how rough last night was.

My professors were all so happy to see me back and doing okay; every single one of them pretty much ordered me not to stress myself out over their class (though there's really only one - the only one with a massive research paper - that I'm worried about).

I had an opportunity to minister to a guy in Texas who is currently feeling so much hurt that I can absolutely relate to.  I saw so much of my past in his words, my heart was immediately breaking for him.

Work was good.  Half being lazy, half tutoring some kids in Algebra.  One of the guys, I've actually tutored him multiple times before, and I really like working with him, so that's nice.

Then, I came back and took a nice, long, hot shower and watched Castle.

And now I'm about to go to bed.  As my friend texted me when I told her I was at work, "You hit the ground running today!"  Yes, yes, I did.  Today was exhausting, but I am definitely glad to be back.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.  Well, mostly a busy evening.  I have Grammar at 8, tutoring at 10, a chat with Taylor somewhere in the late morning/early afternoon, making up 3 World Religions quizzes somewhere between 1 and 3, then tutoring 5-6 and 6:30-7:30, then work at the Tutoring Center 7:30-10:00.

I better get my rest!  From now until I finish my finals on the 27th, I have a feeling every day is going to be similarly crazy.

Yay college!! :)

(And no, that was not sarcasm.)

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  1. So sorry to hear about the pain, and all your enduring. But as usual, I am inspired by your perspective and ability to serve Him and others regardless! Keep rocking.