Monday, April 1, 2013

No joking here!

My oh my, 6:30 was a very long time ago.  It feels like forever ago considering I didn't fall asleep until like 1:30.  But hey, I made it through the day!  So there's that.

International Relations.
World Religions.
Tutoring session got canceled.
Easter leftovers for lunch.
Caught up on the Revenge because I was in the car when it aired last night.
Nice long chat with Kyla.  Man oh man do I love that girl.
Trip to the bank to get the cash for Callie and Phoebe's wedding gifts.  Vesper gifts are done!
Public Policy.
Make up tutoring session.
And now I'm watching Castle and about to do the French grammar assignments that I couldn't do this weekend because I brought the wrong book home.
Then I'm going to collapse because I am exhausted.  I was falling asleep at work.  Good thing no one need my tutoring!

It's April.  I'm so glad it's finally April.  Two days until the appointment with my neurosurgeon, which I am more than ready for, and six days until I'm reunited with five of my favorite people, including one of my absolute best friends in the world. :)

Oh, and North Carolina finally decided that spring-like weather would be a good idea, so it was a beautiful day.  That was pretty much icing on the cake.

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