Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is just not a good day.

My mom didn't say a single nice word to me until about 9 pm tonight.
And that includes yelling at me because Blake was crying when I was babysitting for the first time ever.

Chelsea's been all sorts of cranky.

My grandmother comes over to pick her up and starts yelling because Mom, who's recovering from a dang heart procedure, is letting artichokes go to waste.

And then I get online this evening and my grades are finally posted.
A's in French, Western Civ, Econ, and English.
B in Government (which I am TOTALLY okay with!).
and a freaking C in CUW.
Something I am not supposed to have.

The grading policy for that is all based on absences.

Two absences equals an A. Three a B, four a C, five a D and 6 or more an F.

I missed April 5, February 22, and February 1. BUT the professor, Mrs. Beam, said that she was not going to count February 1 against me because it was the day I left about 5 minutes in and had to go to the hospital.
AND on April 12, she announced that the April 19 meeting was the last one, and if we went, it was considered extra credit and would take an absence off of our total, but if we didn't go, it wouldn't hurt us. I'm 100% positive she said that. I even confirmed it with the assistant, Ms. Tucker, to make sure I understood it right. So I didn't go to the April 19 meeting.

Now, she's saying that attendance was counted on that day.

And I know that if I ask Ms. Tucker, she'll lie and agree with Mrs. Beam just so she doesn't have issues. Because that's the way the world works.

AND she snapped at me in her email because apparently asking "what's the problem here?" is "disrespectful and inappropriate," which I don't get, but either way I didn't mean for it to sound like that.

Oh well. A B looks and sounds a heck of a lot better than a C. I just certainly won't be trusting anything that comes out of that woman's mouth any time soon.

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