Friday, May 28, 2010

I have to get better about this.

When Chelsea doesn't take her medicine (which is really about 50% of the time), she has two different personalities.
She's either evil, I'm going to make you as miserable as possible Chelsea
or 4-year-old, I can't stop talking to you because I need attention no matter how annoyed you are Chelsea.
I should be used to this. It's always been this way.
And as much as I've been trying to work on my temper, I couldn't get past how annoying she was being today.
Granted, it was after I asked her about 50 times to please just leave me alone, and she wouldn't have been this way if she had taken her medicine on time yesterday, but still.
I have to be nicer to her, no matter how annoying she gets.
Because she's my sister.
And she's taking excellent care of me (since she is getting paid for it).
At least I'm trying, right?

On the plus side, I did get to spend a lot of time snuggling with Blake today, and that makes everything okay! :) Ah, I love that boy so much. It's crazy. Considering how strongly I feel for him, and he's not even mine, I can't imagine how I'll feel once I have my own kids. :)

Okay, good night. Mommom is coming to pick me up at 9:45 so we can go to the hospital to be with Mom, so I gotta get some rest!

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  1. That stinks she is being annoying, but at least she is taking good care of you! And yay for Blake and getting to see your Mom! Glad to hear the good news about her!