Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I seem to be losing intelligence.

My mom and I just watched the season finale of Law & Order: SVU, and either I'm incredibly tired, or I'm not as smart as I used to be.

First, there was a scene where Elliot and Olivia (the two detectives, for those of you who may not watch) found a maid of a nearly empty motel tied up in a bathroom without her clothes. She said that a man came in and told her to take off her clothes, and he put them on, and ran off with a little boy he had with him. A cop said "The maid we told to get out of here was the kidnapper!" And for some reason, I asked my mom, "Wait, who's the kidnapper? Is that lady the kidnapper?" Uh no, Mallory, that would be the maid the kidnapper stole the clothes from.

Then, at the end of the show, someone sent Elliott a text while he was climbing through air ducts to get to a woman who was holding the ADA and her ex hostage because she was distraught from their son dying. Through the whole show, the mom was the main suspect in hiring someone to kidnap her son because the dad had sole custody. It said "It was Phil (the dad). He hired Bradman (the kidnapper). He got a credit card in Sophie's (the mom) name." And for some bizarre reason, I still had to ask my mom "Why would Phil hire someone to kidnap his son when he already had sole custody?" Because he was framing Sophie! DUH.

Maybe I just need to go to sleep.

The good news is, a few men from the local church are coming to put up my ramp tomorrow! I'm relieved that that is finally being taken care of, and in time for my surgery.

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