Sunday, May 2, 2010


That's approximately how many hours I have till I am OUT OF HERE!
I actually started putting the clothes that are going into storage into bags today.
It felt great.
I'm tired of studying.
My day's been pretty boring.
I slept.
I ate.
I studied.
I packed.
I studied more.
I plucked my eyebrows.
And here I am watching Brothers & Sisters.
Tomorrow is my English "exam." But since it was a take-home thing, I think all we'll have to do is go and turn it in and fill out a class evaluation. That shouldn't take long.
Then at 7, they're giving out "exam study bags" and free funnel cakes, so I'll definitely be going to get one of those because I love funnel cakes.
Then at midnight, my dorm is doing a "midnight breakfast" so I'll get some food there.

So excited! 4 days!

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  1. It's often strange how long we wait to get to a certain point or a certain place, and once we're there, we can't wait to move on to something else!

    I pray that your summer will be enjoyable and full of everything you look forward to! :)