Sunday, May 30, 2010

Madre and I

We are quite the pair.
Especially when Chelsea leaves.
Mom = weak.
Me = crippled.
So my grandma was here pretty much all day taking care of us.
The downside is that my grandma tends to get overbearing when someone's sick or hurt.
The upside is that she made us a freakin amazing dinner.

You know what's awesome about this surgery (and the one coming in July)?
Even though I have a cast, I have a waterproof cast cover so I can still shower.
First surgery in quite some time where I haven't had to get sponge baths from Mom.
In how many different languages can you say AWKWARD?

I think Mom is finally breaking down and agreeing to take me to the doctor this week about this never-ending period.
Hallelujah. Because this is just getting old.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone! :)

1 comment:

  1. You know it's love when I brave the 7finger2thumb typing to leave you some lovin' in the comment section!! :p

    I'm glad your grandma was helping you both today, with the cooking too, grandmas are the bestest!! As for awkward -- just two, English and French :p

    Hope things go well at your appointment and that they can give you some answers and solutions!!!!!!