Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An update.

So I'm in Duke. Again. But this time it's just in the general pediatrics unit instead of neurosurgery because my shunt is fine.

My mom and I left about 11:45 last night because I was having excruciating pain in my chest, right ribs, right side, right side of my back, head, right side of my neck, and right shoulder. Yes, ALL my pain was and is in my right side. We got here about 2:30 am and spent all night and most of the day in the ER because there were no beds. Literally NONE. We didn't get in a room till almost 5 this afternoon. Last night, though, they did their usual CT and shunt series, but they also did a chest x-ray. The shunt looked fine, which was a huge relief. However, my chest is a disaster. On top of my bronchitis, I have pneumonia and atalectasis, the latter of which means that the bottom of my right lung has collapsed.

Needless to say, I feel like crap. And I have a bad headache, so this is all I've got tonight. Prayers would be appreciated beyond belief.


  1. Praying, always... For God's will, for healing, for peace, for you.

  2. I am with JD in her prayer for you. Remember, we do not always know and understand how or where we fit into God's plan, but He loves us and he will never send us a challenge that he will not face with us.