Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel horrible today.

I didn't fall asleep till 4 am last night, because I slept so much on the way home from Duke.
Because of that, I slept through 9 am when I needed to take my Oxycontin.
Because of that, I woke up at 12:50 pm with a killer headache.
I took my Oxycontin and 10 mg of Oxycodone, and my headache was gone at 1:30.
By 3:00, it was back, and I started feeling really nauseous.
So I took Phenergan at 3:30.
That didn't work.
I took another 10 mg of Oxycodone at 5:45.
That didn't work, either.
I've been nauseous all freakin day, and my headache is a 9.
I tried eating saltines and drinking ginger ale.
I think that made it worse.
I took another Phenergan at 6:35, because the total dose of the two was something they'd given me in the hospital.
I later puked, and still didn't feel better.
The one and only good thing is that my temperature is normal.
But I feel absolutely horrible.
I think I'm just gonna go to sleep.

***8:30 pm - I threw up again. A lot. BOO.

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  1. I am assuming you get the CSF pressure headaches... they suck. Somehow I have figured out that some kind of anti-inflammatory taken WITH the narcs works charms for me!

    Still sending prayers your way :)