Sunday, November 29, 2009

A New Goal

Okay, so I've made a decision about something. I really need to lose weight, and it's not going to be easy once I get back to Campbell because it will be even colder than it is here, and cold weather is terribly bad for my asthma, so I probably won't want to leave my dorm except to go to class or eat. So I've made a decision/goal while I'm still home.

Starting December 1 (because I like starting things off on the start of a month or week. Yes, I'm weird like that) I am going to ride my exercise bike at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. Yes, I realize that that means I will have to ride it every day this week once I start, but I think I'm ready. Hopefully, this will make at least a little bit of difference by January 10.

I'm thinking I'll post how I'm doing from week to week, so that you guys can help keep me responsible. And buy myself a scale. My mom hates having a scale in the house (hah!) but I think I would really benefit from one.

Okay, that's about it. Today's been a lazy day because I haven't really felt like doing much because of my ankle, so there's nothing much else to say.


  1. For every day that you bike 30 minutes, I will walk 30 minutes! Keep me walking!!!!!!

    As for the scale -- I wouldn't spend money on one... it's not the numbers that matter, but the health you gain from it, and the inches you lose! Weigh yourself at someone else's house so you'll know your starting point, and then forget about it :) Save the money and buy yourself something nice at the end of your challenge :o)

  2. I started Weight Watchers again a couple of weeks ago (& then along came Thanksgiving - erg). I am determined to get rid of these excess pounds so that my arthritis doesn't worsen. I'm only 45 (I know that seems old to you LOL), but I don't want a hip replacement in my fifties! I'm posting my progress on Fridays - maybe we can keep each other honest!