Monday, January 5, 2015

Let’s play ‘You know you need a new suitcase when…’

Correct answers could include…

The metal snaps in half on the bottom and is and poking through…

You cut your leg on said metal…

The pull-out handle breaks and won’t extend anymore…

And if THAT wasn’t enough for you, how about when the fabric handle completely rips off when you try to pick it up?

Yep. That should do it.

But hey, I got that suitcase before I went to Europe with my grandmother in June 2005, so I’d say we got our money’s worth out of it.

Anyway, my grandma agreed to take me to Belk today because my mom said they were having a big sale, and she was right. I got a new giant suitcase that has four wheels instead of two and thus will be infinitely easier to move and is even bigger and deeper than my old one for $100 instead of the $200 tag, a new tote bag because the one that matched my old suitcase was pretty ripped and ratty for $40 instead of $100, and a new wallet just because mine was super old and nasty for $27 instead of $45, plus I got a discount for applying for a Belk card (even though I told them I knew I’d be denied). That means I got $345 of stuff for $142.60. Woo! Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

I don’t know why a new suitcase is so exciting to me, but I really love this new suitcase. It’s okay, you can call me weird. I’ve accepted it. Normal is overrated.

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