Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This time, I cried.

When I had to say goodbye to everyone at the end of last school year, there was only one time that I cried, and that was when I saw Austin the last time. And even then, it wasn't bad. I basically just teared up a lot.

This time was different. I felt on the verge of tears the whole day today, and since I had no one else to see I just hung out in the girls' apartment until the afternoon when it was time to leave feeling sad. The car ride there with Zack was good, fine, we talked about a lot of different stuff, so I was distracted from feeling sad.

But then, once he dropped me off and I was going through the airport by myself, the tears started rolling and they didn't stop until just before I boarded. Like I said yesterday, being back just reminded me how much I really do miss my brothers and the rest of my Campbell family and how different it is in New York not having them close by. I love my home in New York, but I really wish it wasn't quite so far away or, at the very least, that I knew when I'll have some time with my brothers again. Coming back just to have to say goodbye again was almost harder than saying goodbye the first time.

Here's the interesting part of my day: my flight had 13 passengers on the entire thing. It was bizarre, and by far the quietest flight I've ever been on. The flight attendants spent the entire flight sitting at the back of the plane, only getting up when they had to do a task for their job or someone's call bell went off. I got to sit in the fourth row of coach instead of second from the back like I was supposed to. We were stuck on the plane an extra hour because right after we pulled out the pilots got a message that they weren't allowed to leave because of too much traffic into LaGuardia, so thankfully we all had plenty of space to stretch out if we wanted to. And the female flight attendant gave me three of the tiny snack bags because they were delicious and I was hungry. Flying at night is weird, it feels like you're flying through nothing because I couldn't even see lights above the clouds except for an occasional flash.

I got back at about 10:30. Holly and I watched the latest Criminal Minds, I unpacked all my stuff (I prefer to do it when I get back because it bugs me if it's left sitting there), and then I crashed from exhaustion.

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