Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I can't think of a title for this post. Sorry about that.

I stayed up until almost 3 am this morning trying to get Bitcoin to work so I could get money to this one person who would sell me their tickets, and then because I couldn't get the money to transfer from my bank to the Bitcoin wallet in less than 4 business days and she was only willing to hold two tickets until Saturday, the whole thing started stressing me out so bad that I started crying uncontrollably. And that, my friends, was when I knew I needed to go to bed.

And then both people I was trying to see if I could get tickets from sold them all by noon today. Because of course.

So between the staying up until 3 am frantically working on the Internet (I must have tried a dozen different Bitcoin websites) and the falling asleep after sobbing for like 45 minutes, I spent the day in bed with a massive migraine.

I finally managed to get up around 5:00 and eat something, and then got to work. Holly and I had to do laundry tonight, so I even took my computer to the laundromat and worked while we waited for the clothes. And guess what? I got the whole third section of my paper done, and it actually turned out to be almost 10 pages. It looks like my paper may be more than 30 pages, I hope my professor doesn't have a problem with that. I have one more section plus the conclusion left.

So despite most of my day being totally shot, my night was very productive. Yay for that.

Tomorrow, I have to get up super early because I have to go get an EEG done and then go for a checkup with the neurologist. I better get to bed.

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