Monday, January 19, 2015

Sabbath Time

I was talking to Emma last night about how overwhelmed I was feeling, as she's the friend who most understands how suffocating anxiety can be when it gets out of hand. She told me she hoped I could find some sabbath time, and I told her that I didn't think that would be happening before next Monday when I get these papers done and turned in because they were basically all I could think about.

Well, today, despite the fact that I knew I needed to get up and get started on paper number two, I forced myself to get a little bit of sabbath time in today. I stayed in bed until the afternoon, not even sleeping the whole time, just enjoying the comfort of my bed and the peace of the quiet. And it was exactly what I needed. I feel way less overwhelmed today than I did yesterday. Isn't it amazing what just a little rest of your body can do for your mind and spirit?

After the very slow start to my day, I got up, took a shower, watched an episode of Criminal Minds, cooked some cheeseburger macaroni, and then washed all the dishes in the sink. I put on another episode and got to work and managed to knock out almost six pages tonight. So yay for that. I also planned out the rest of the information that I need to research for the rest of the paper and got a general idea of an outline. Yay for productivity.

And now I'm going to watch Castle and hang out and possibly go to bed early because I can. That, and I actually have to get up and out of the apartment tomorrow. Hasta luego, blog land.

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